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Investigation of PFAS Impacts at Fire Training Academies

Multi-pronged evaluation of PFAS impacts in the environment

  • Spring Hill and Marathon, Florida

    Spring Hill and Marathon, Florida

Conducting investigations associated with the historical use of fire-fighting foams within fire training facilities in Florida.

Firefighting foams are an immediate solution to an immediate danger. But the polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) they contain may present a long-term danger in the environment and to people or wildlife encountering them. As the foams are used in training facilities, those sites present high concentrations, which may go on to contaminate local soil and groundwater and may be transported in the environment as well. Our team has conducted comprehensive assessments of PFAS impacts to soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water at fire training facilities located in notably different settings in Florida.

For this task, we assisted in the development of site assessment protocols to prevent cross-contamination during drilling and sampling activities—including decontamination procedures and material checklists for equipment and personnel. Enhanced quality assurance measures are also used at these sites including the use of documented PFAS-free water, the use of approved surfactants for decontamination of sampling equipment, as well as enhanced collection of quality control blanks in the field, such as field blanks, equipment blanks, and method blanks.

Not only are these complex substances, but they also present complex issues. Our scientists continue to evaluate remediation requirements and alternatives including the evaluation of potential ecological risk in the Florida Keys, and potential potable water use risk in an area where surrounding residential properties utilize private wells. While their value to save property and lives in the event of fire is unquestioned, PFAS usage and handling requires more study to determine the level of risk they present in the environment. 

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