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Riverside Transit Agency Zero Emission Bus Rollout Plan and Analysis

Cost-effective zero emissions

  • Riverside, California

    Riverside, California

Preparing for a cleaner future through zero emission buses

In alignment with California’s Innovative Clean Transit mandate, Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) will be converting its fleet of buses to 100% zero emission by 2040. To meet the requirements of the mandate, RTA needed to create a comprehensive and sustainable plan outlining how they were going to achieve this goal.

We conducted a system-wide analysis comparing RTA’s current fleet of buses operating fixed-route transit in the western Riverside County service area to zero emission buses (ZEBs). Reviewing the operational and financial impacts of a full fleet conversion, we examined the difference in capital and operating costs of new battery-electric or hydrogen fuel cell bus technology versus a compressed natural gas or gasoline bus. We also examined the capital costs of associated ZEB infrastructure and rehabilitation or purchase of interim non-ZEB vehicles and infrastructure, along with the overall operating cost impacts. We also did block-level performance modeling of zero emission transit vehicles including duty cycle generation and energy modeling.

From our analysis, we developed a recommended ZEB mode and provided a rollout plan for fixed-route revenue fleet conversion by 2040. 

At a Glance

Meet Our Team

Analy Castillo, Transit Advisory Consultant

I help transit agencies develop pragmatic plans for launching zero-emission bus fleets in the face of overwhelming challenges.
Analy Castillo Transit Advisory Consultant Read More

Patrick M. McKelvey , Senior Principal

Our purpose and goal is to create better places through thoughtful, creative, and responsive planning and design.

Sasha Pejcic, Managing Principal, Transit Advisory Lead

Transit agencies have a duty to demonstrate that they are prudent fiscal stewards of public tax dollars—while also being progressive. Our solutions challenge status quo to create aspirational visions that are actionable and realistic.
Sasha Pejcic Managing Principal, Transit Advisory Lead Read More

Brian Putre, Team Lead, Transit Advisory (GTA)

Community-focus and passion—two qualities needed to find efficiencies when optimizing transit service.
Brian Putre Team Lead, Transit Advisory (GTA) Read More

Will Todd, Senior Associate

Through the projects I work on and the relationships I form, it’s my goal to leave the world a better place than I found it.

David Verbich, PhD, Associate, Transit Advisory (US Pacific West)

Everyone needs to get somewhere, and I work with transit agencies to make the process more efficient and enjoyable.
David Verbich, PhD Associate, Transit Advisory (US Pacific West) Read More

Mike Voll, Principal, Sector Lead Smart Technologies

You don’t have to dig deep in the earth to find the energy we need to survive. Blowing wind, flowing rivers and warming sun are easily accessible for those with the passion to harness them.
Mike Voll Principal, Sector Lead Smart Technologies Read More

Tony Zavanelli, Principal, Power

The best feedback is being awarded with additional work. ‘Good job’ is nice to hear, but being entrusted with another project the best way to know that you are valued.

Analy Castillo

Transit Advisory Consultant

Patrick M. McKelvey

Senior Principal

Sasha Pejcic

Managing Principal, Transit Advisory Lead

Brian Putre

Team Lead, Transit Advisory (GTA)

Will Todd

Senior Associate

David Verbich, PhD

Associate, Transit Advisory (US Pacific West)

Mike Voll

Principal, Sector Lead Smart Technologies

Tony Zavanelli

Principal, Power

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