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Ventura County Transportation Commission ZEB Fleet Plan

Helping VCTC plan to convert their entire fleet to zero-emission buses

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  • Ventura, California

    Ventura, California

Transitioning towards a more sustainable future

Following a mandate from California Air Resources Board that states all transit agencies must be 100% zero emission by 2040, our team is conducting a system-wide analysis comparing Ventura County Transportation Commission’s (VCTC) current fleet of buses to zero-emission buses (ZEBs).

Our goal is to develop a recommended ZEB mode and provide a rollout and operating plan for fleet conversion with all associated infrastructure. The analysis will consider the operational and financial impacts and examine the difference in the capital and operating costs of new battery-electric or hydrogen fuel cell bus technology versus the current fleet technologies, the capital cost of associated ZEB infrastructure, the capital cost of rehabilitation or purchase of interim non-ZEB vehicles and Infrastructure, and the overall operating cost impacts. Of special significance is the need for a rigorous analysis of fleet scheduling/operations with the various range limitations of ZEB buses. Additionally, the financial analysis will consider lifetime/lifecycle costs, payback periods, net present values (NPV), and time sensitivity.

Following our work, VCTC will have a plan to move forward as they transition towards a greener future.

At a Glance

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Meet Our Team

Analy Castillo, Associate, Zero Emissions Technical Lead

I help transit agencies develop pragmatic plans for launching zero-emission bus fleets in the face of overwhelming challenges.
Analy Castillo Associate, Zero Emissions Technical Lead Read More

Pamela Bailey-Campbell, Senior Principal, Innovation Leader, Infrastructure

We’re creating next generation transportation solutions and moving communities towards a smart mobility future that puts people first.
Pamela Bailey-Campbell Senior Principal, Innovation Leader, Infrastructure Read More

Will Todd, Senior Associate

Through the projects I work on and the relationships I form, it’s my goal to leave the world a better place than I found it.

Reb Guthrie, Principal, Fueling Infrastructure

Creative problem solving—in sometimes unexpected ways—while understanding and respecting user needs is easily the best part about my job.
Reb Guthrie Principal, Fueling Infrastructure Read More

Tony Zavanelli, Principal, Energy

The best feedback is being awarded with additional work. ‘Good job’ is nice to hear, but being entrusted with another project the best way to know that you are valued.

Analy Castillo

Associate, Zero Emissions Technical Lead

Pamela Bailey-Campbell

Senior Principal, Innovation Leader, Infrastructure

Will Todd

Senior Associate

Reb Guthrie

Principal, Fueling Infrastructure

Tony Zavanelli

Principal, Energy

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