Automated Vehicles & Airports

Enhancement through innovation

Airports carry a lot of weight. There’s an expectation that they’re safe, that they’re not just a place people or goods pass through, but a destination themselves. Introducing automated vehicles (AVs) into the airport environment can be a tremendously successful endeavor with benefits to the airport client, workers, and passengers. From moving people and baggage to cleaning inside and outside the terminal, AVs can provide a wide range of services in and around an airport, all contributing to a safer and more efficient experience for everyone involved.

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Accelerating autonomy at airports

For more than 40 years, we’ve delivered successful projects at more than 200 airports worldwide. From roadway to runway to terminal, our deep understanding of airport operations drives us to create airport destinations that are pleasant and memorable. With proven benefits in safety, efficiency, and accessibility, we’re committed to bringing AV solutions to airports. Pairing our AV experts with our airport planners and engineers, we help our clients plan and implement the solutions that best fit their needs

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