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Communities all over the world are setting goals aimed at reducing their carbon footprint. Both electric and autonomous vehicles (AVs) are integral components of the smarter mobility ecosystem that are poised to have an increasingly positive effect on climate change. 

As transportation shifts to electric and autonomous vehicles, there will be fundamental changes to our society, including the way we design our roads, transportation management centers, power grids, commercial buildings, and even our parking lots. With our combination of expertise in EV and AV infrastructure planning and design and an understanding of community and economic impacts and funding opportunities, we can help our clients get ahead of this transportation energy transition. 

Our focus on helping clients reach a more sustainable reality has led us to create GenerationAV™, our AV team focused on accelerating the adoption of AVs. Paired with the engineering and design talent at Stantec, we can  guide clients to an electric autonomous future. Learn more about GenerationAV here.

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