Bridge Maintenance & Management

  • Ontario Bridge Management System

    First bridge management system in Canada to include data analysis.

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  • Tropical Storm Irene Disaster Recovery

    Mobilizing experienced teams helped to make Vermont passable in the wake of tropical storm Irene.

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  • Washington County Railroad - Bridge 501

    Saving a bridge from collapse.

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We keep bridges up and running

We design repairs or rehabilitation for single bridges and determine the needs of a group of bridges—then we prioritize the work program. Our bridge management system assists owners to do the right activity, to the right bridge, at the right time—at the best cost. Clients can analyze individual bridge elements, entire bridges, or bridge networks to proactively manage their inventory. Our systematic approach moves you toward optimal safety, full value for your money, and maximized service life. Read More

Every bridge is different and has its own unique issues. I like to generate realistic and cost effective repair strategies for my clients.

Matthew Bialowas Associate, Transportation
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Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Rehabilitation - 61st to Broadway

Designing traffic improvements in tightly constricted urban communities requires ingenious solutions. Read More
Expert Spotlight

Reed Ellis, Vice President, Bridges

Our clients come to us because we provide the full range of bridge engineering services. From planning and conceptual design to engineering and construction, from inspection to maintenance and bridge management—we’ve got you covered at every stage of a bridge’s life.

Tony Hunley, Vice President, Bridge Sector Leader

Bridges aren't just science, they’re art. Everything we do—from basic to long span—shows our public commitment and our passion for bridges.
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Gregory Edwards, Principal, Transportation

I work with communities to develop successful transportation facilities that meet the needs of all users and the surrounding environment.

Matthew Bialowas, Associate, Transportation

Every bridge is different and has its own unique issues. I like to generate realistic and cost effective repair strategies for my clients.
Matthew Bialowas Associate, Transportation Read More

Kip Skabar, Principal, Transportation

Our infrastructure projects are designed to optimize the safe and sustainable movement of people and goods.

Reed Ellis

Vice President, Bridges

Tony Hunley

Vice President, Bridge Sector Leader

Gregory Edwards

Principal, Transportation

Matthew Bialowas

Associate, Transportation

Kip Skabar

Principal, Transportation

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