Improving cost and project efficiency through CCTV improvement

CCTV Data Mining delivers cost-effective inspection of underground utility sites, providing an instant, detailed assessment to help inform decision making around and planning for rehabilitation projects. We work with you to refine and adjust the assessment criteria as needs and priorities for your project change.

Using leading camera and Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) software technology, the CCTV Agility tool identifies structural issues or defects and provides an assessment based on a defined set of rules or criteria bespoke to your project.

Integrated geographic information system (GIS) technology allows for advanced data management and analytics and helps compare historic and new CCTV footage to understand deterioration timelines, calculate future projections, and identify key areas for investigation or cluster rehabilitation works.

High-quality survey results, analytics, and recommendations are available to you within days, even on the largest of projects. 

Cost efficiency

CCTV Data Mining Agility removes time- and cost-intensive manual assessments, automating the process of inspection and unlocking cost savings for your project.

Project efficiency

CCTV Data Mining provides a consistent method of assessment—reducing average inspection time from eight months to one day. The tool also allows for frequent data analytics and advanced reporting, meaning defects can be identified and understood quickly, which results in fewer pollution incidents and less extensive remedial works.

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