• Microplastics Watershed Scale Environmental Fate Model
  • Chlorinated Cleaning Products Potential Toxicity Assessment

Computational Sciences

Make the best operational decisions, confidently

Computational sciences are an important way we advance our environmental research and apply innovative tools and solutions. It helps us understand the causes and effects of environmental issues and find ways to mitigate them.

As computational scientists, we use our quantitative expertise to make sense of data and scientific topics. Then we develop and implement methods for exposure and toxicological assessments, environmental and occupational epidemiological research, regulatory support and compliance, and analytical study design.

When you have critical questions about exposure risk—on scenarios as wide and varied as environmental fate, transport modeling, or dosage versus health affects—our scientists can deliver computational analyses that guide your decision making and help you understand your regulatory and permitting obligations.

Whether you’re concerned with occupational situations, community health, or consumer needs, our statistical analyses can be applied to your needs.

Product and data stewardship

Our data stewardship service collects functions that help you make sure all data assets are accessible, usable, safe, and trusted. It’s also an important part of data governance, which is the set of policies and principles that guide how data is used and protected. We’ve supported industry partners as they design and execute comprehensive product and data stewardship programs that are founded in quality science, integrated with product innovation, and combined with stakeholder engagement.

Statistical modeling

Our statistical modeling services focus on quantitative exposure and toxicological modeling for human health risk assessments. For example, our team assists in policymaking and ecological planning by predicting levels of exposure to chemicals or physical hazards—then we characterize potential adverse health effects.

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