Computing Platforms & Advanced Analytics

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Data is everywhere. Now what?

Each day, technologies ranging from cell phones to satellites and Internet of Things devices create countless data points in space and time. But to what end?

We are combining data science with engineering expertise and digital systems to harness data for smarter, more efficient infrastructure that is less expensive to design, build, operate, and maintain. Using machine learning, we’re leveraging artificial intelligence over cloud computing and developing predictive technology solutions to address a wide spectrum of engineering challenges in physical and natural infrastructure.

Next steps for artificial intelligence in the remote sensing digital evolution

Geomatics remote sensing specialist Grant Wiseman explores how deep learning will optimize the value of data and tackle problems that were previously out of reach. Read More
Expert Spotlight

Pete Perciavalle, Senior Vice President, Water Innovation Leader

New operational technologies offer utility managers the means to generate immediate value while supporting long-term innovation.
Pete Perciavalle Senior Vice President, Water Innovation Leader Read More

Liam Edmonds, Lead Application Developer

I tackle a wide variety of interesting problems and work towards pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges we face due to climate change.

Matt Wagoner, Senior Principal, Geospatial Technology Leader

GIS allows us an opportunity to bring technology to each of our projects. It enables us to ask spatial questions and return a graphical result.
Matt Wagoner Senior Principal, Geospatial Technology Leader Read More

Graeme Masterton, Senior Associate, Transit Planning Leader

Transit planning isn’t just about improving accessibility. We want to maximize the customer experience while creating better cities and neighborhoods.
Graeme Masterton Senior Associate, Transit Planning Leader Read More

Pete Perciavalle

Senior Vice President, Water Innovation Leader

Liam Edmonds

Lead Application Developer

Matt Wagoner

Senior Principal, Geospatial Technology Leader

Graeme Masterton

Senior Associate, Transit Planning Leader Digital Services

Geospatial Our geospatial experts facilitate the collection, storage, retrieval, distribution, display, and analysis of geospatial data. We provide geospatial services through creativity, leading-edge technology, and exceptional project delivery.
Immersive Collaboration Our team of filmmakers, animators, 3D modelers, and application engineers produces products such as cinematic photorealistic films and building renderings, data-driven facility fly-throughs, virtual open house platforms, and AR/VR experiences.
Information Management Systems With the right information management system, it’s easy to collect, store, access, collaborate, and report on the critical information needed for effective project management, design, and delivery.
Intelligent Assets Our team can develop, implement, and support the registration of stand-alone or fully integrated intelligent asset management systems, from initial planning and acquisition through to operations and maintenance.
Operational Technologies With our proven delivery methodology, combined with our world-class industry partnerships, we can help you identify and deliver operational technology, IoT, and edge computing solutions that optimize your existing assets and capabilities.
Project Planning, Design & Delivery Computational, parametric, and generative tools help us find efficient design-delivery workflows, freeing up time to innovate or just do it all more quickly.

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