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  • National Centre for Cancer Care & Research

    A new paradigm in cancer care requiring the best design thinking and resources from around the world.

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  • Camosun College

    A new, modern health sciences facility that promotes learning and collaboration.

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  • Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center

    The Taussig Cancer Center sets a new benchmark for progressive cancer care and 'patient first' design.

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Technology driven design

Disruptive thinking. Applied technology. Computational analysis. The convergence of these elements is reshaping how we think about design. Data is the key to unlocking a project’s potential. With augmented or virtual reality, reality capture, computational design and building information modelling (BIM), we’re helping clients realize the full potential of their project by harnessing the power of data-rich, model-based workflow to improve business operations.

Transforming pen strokes on paper to buildings is my passion. It means my imagination has become reality, and the world has become a better place.

Joel Martineau Associate, BIM Operations Leader

Data Analytics

Today’s clients are increasingly tech savvy, understanding the power of data in transforming their business operations. Data permeates our daily lives from smart devices to wearable tech. Data mining and analysis is an emerging tool in the design industry. Data analysis can inform project type or size, location, program adjacency or building system design. When we harness the power of data, we create solutions that anticipate human use while minimizing operational costs.

Virtual / Augmented Reality

Using virtual reality, designers in different offices can create and review projects together. Construction teams can visualize problems before they arise, and clients can walk through their buildings years before breaking ground. What makes virtual reality at Stantec different? We don’t have a separate VR team—it’s the designers themselves who use the tool, fully integrating it into the project design process. Read More

Generative Design

The ability to capture and input design criteria, parameters, and goals into an application would allow our design teams to explore and generate all permutations of a solution to find the best option to meet with client needs. Generative solutions allow us to respond faster to proposals and change than traditional methods; minutes vs. days or weeks. We're able to do more, with less, in less time; to be agile and highly competitive.

Building Information Modelling

BIM is a technology driven process that influences how designers, builders, and owners approach collaboration, processes, information exchange, technology, and design. The power of BIM is the ability to link parametric data to virtual 3D objects. Leveraging this data (the “I” in BIM) is the key to realizing the project's potential. Read More
Innovation paired with a clear purpose creates meaningful change and keeps us at the leading edge.
Virtual reality enabled studios
Dedicated resources

Our distributed network of professionals is dedicated to the application, utilization, and advancement of technology in design practice.
We're helping clients visualize their future, one project at a time.
A core team of specialists—designers, developers, data architects, animators—support our research and development to keep us at the leading edge.
Expert Spotlight

Sarah Dreger, Discipline Leader, Buildings Digital Practice

With today’s design technology, we can not only imagine what is possible, we can bring it to life for our clients.
Sarah Dreger Discipline Leader, Buildings Digital Practice Read More

Mike DeOrsey, Associate, Buildings Digital Practice

What we do with technology helps people all across the company do what they do better.
Mike DeOrsey Associate, Buildings Digital Practice Read more

Jim Marchese, Senior Associate, Buildings Digital Practice

I’m inspired every day when we can solve problems using design technology and help colleagues complete their work more efficiently.
Jim Marchese Senior Associate, Buildings Digital Practice Read More

Joel Martineau, Associate, BIM Operations Leader

Transforming pen strokes on paper to buildings is my passion. It means my imagination has become reality, and the world has become a better place.
Joel Martineau Associate, BIM Operations Leader Read More

Robert (Bob) Bell, Digital Practice Specialist

My passion is helping people perform their jobs more efficiently—whether that’s best practice training, leveraging existing tools in new ways, or developing a new solution.
Robert (Bob) Bell Digital Practice Specialist Read More

Aubrey Tucker, Innovative Technology Developer

It’s surprising how often the needed technology exists and just hasn’t been applied in our context—yet. With the right kind of questioning, we can solve any problem with elegant solutions.
Aubrey Tucker Innovative Technology Developer Read More

Robert Manna, Associate, Buildings Digital Practice

Technology has become a linchpin of how we deliver great design. In working with some of our best architects and engineers, I help improve our designs and processes through the implementation of technology.
Robert Manna Associate, Buildings Digital Practice Read More
  • Sarah Dreger

    Discipline Leader, Buildings Digital Practice

  • Mike DeOrsey

    Associate, Buildings Digital Practice

  • Jim Marchese

    Senior Associate, Buildings Digital Practice

  • Joel Martineau

    Associate, BIM Operations Leader

  • Robert (Bob) Bell

    Digital Practice Specialist

  • Aubrey Tucker

    Innovative Technology Developer

  • Robert Manna

    Associate, Buildings Digital Practice

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