Analyze pipelines for strain caused by unstable ground

It’s no secret that pipelines are critical infrastructure for many industries. Due to more frequent extreme weather events, pipelines that cross unstable ground can bend and deform under the effect of a landslide. This could release the pipeline’s transported product transported into the environment.

The inertial mapping surveys that provide the raw data for bending strains are just part of the story. You need robust analysis of that data to determine what level of strain is normal and what is cause for concern.

Active Strain Analytics optimizes that analysis to give owners and operators the full picture. Not just a snapshot.

Active Strain Analytics makes it easier

We developed this digital tool to help analysts better understand the strains their pipelines suffer.

Get the whole picture on bending strains along your pipeline infrastructure.
Full Analysis
Linear Resolution

View and analyze the full range of inertial measurement unit (IMU), in-line inspection (ILI) pipe wall anomalies, and geotechnical inspection.
Scale to view the full detail of the bending strain data.

The Active Strain Analytics Advantage

We combine inertial mapping survey data with a complete analysis to better recognize the strain signatures of landslide hazards on pipeline infrastructure.

Recognizing the problem

We utilized Active Strain Analytics to help one of our pipeline clients create a 1.6-mile (2.5-kilometre) above-ground bypass of their pipeline. We looked at the mapping survey data and, after seeing bending and strain signatures, recommended the bypass. Active Strain Analytics helped make the pipeline safer and contributed to uninterrupted service.
Expert Spotlight

James Ferguson, Manager, Integrity Business Development/Technology

Integrity is about ensuring the public is safe and that no harm is done to the environment.
James Ferguson Manager, Integrity Business Development/Technology Read More

James Ferguson

Manager, Integrity Business Development/Technology

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