Examine elements, bridges, or entire networks to proactively manage inventory

Stantec’s state-of-the-art Bridge Management System (BMS) was developed to be configurable for any transportation agency. Beyond just an inventory or inspection tool, our BMS helps you proactively manage your inventory. Maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation needs are determined based on the current condition of each bridge element, and those needs are forecast into future budgeting periods using Markovian deterioration models (a series of discrete states and the probability of transitioning through the identified progression).

The tool manages data (including photo, video, and documentation), provides risk review at the asset, project, and network levels, and delivers automated project scoping using engineering models and benefit/cost analysis. You can determine priority programming, asset performance, and budgeting at any level—network or individual. Each asset is mapped through a geographic information system (GIS), and the BMS provides a digital dashboard for interactive scoping and project timing.    

Work programs can be developed for a single bridge, a specific highway or region, or the entire network of bridges based on specified budgets or target performance measures. A detailed bridge inspection manual and bridge inspection training course are available, along with bridge management and BMS training.

Agencies use our Bridge Management System to better evaluate their assets and networks and engage in proactive and informed decision making at a programmatic level. With this tool, you can leverage limited funds across significant transportation needs.

Specific and asset-state focused

Bridge inspections are based on condition states with specific definitions for each element and quantities of defects. Inspection data is recorded for each element, such as abutments, piers, wearing surface, deck soffit, joints, barriers and railings, slabs, and girders. Unique features of the BMS include the advanced deck element, separate inspection of steel elements and coatings, rating of barriers, and bridge hydraulic information.

Scaling up or down

Developed for major transportation departments, the BMS is just as applicable to state, provincial, and major municipal agencies with thousands of bridges, as it is to municipalities and counties with fewer bridges to manage.

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