Monitor your carbon footprint with digital twin technology

Companies, organizations, and governments across the globe are committed to lowering their carbon footprints. They’re tracking not only the carbon they produce, but also the natural carbon storage options provided by vegetation on their land.

Accurately tracking your carbon data can provide your company with the necessary information to access financial incentives related to lowering your environmental impact.

We’ve created CarbonWATCH to help you achieve that goal. Using geospatial technology, we can accurately map the amount of carbon stored in trees, shrubs, and soil.

Get detailed carbon dioxide inventory maps of your natural assets
Full Project Coverage
LiDAR Points
Soil Carbon Depth

Map the entirety of your assets to provide accurate carbon dioxide assessments.
The resolution is as precise as 50 LiDAR (light detection and ranging) points per square metre.
Soil stores more than double the amount of CO2 in the vegetation and atmosphere combined.

The CarbonWATCH Advantage

By providing an accurate accounting of the carbon stored on your land, CarbonWATCH can benefit your organization financially and environmentally.
Expert Spotlight

Grant Wiseman, Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Success in consulting means communicating new ideas to clients, demonstrating the benefits of technology in a clear and concise way.
Grant Wiseman Remote Sensing Technology Manager Read More

Martha Farella, Data Scientist

I believe that applying state-of-the-art GIS techniques—imaging spectroscopy and machine learning—benefits a variety of ecological projects.

Brendan Player, Associate, Nature-based Carbon Solutions Team Lead

My focus is utilizing environmental restoration and innovative sensor technology to help clients achieve their goals and objectives.
Brendan Player Associate, Nature-based Carbon Solutions Team Lead Read More

Grant Wiseman

Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Martha Farella

Data Scientist

Brendan Player

Associate, Nature-based Carbon Solutions Team Lead

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