A cloud-based platform that provides rapid insight into site suitability and risk

Constraints Checker is an intuitive tool that enables you to perform a desktop investigation of your proposed site. It produces detailed results on potential site constraints in a matter of seconds, improving productivity and reducing the need for timely and costly reporting.

With its custom data output directly in your hands, you can reduce the associated costs of third-party reporting, and you can work with information tailored to your needs. With our document and plan generation capabilities,  Constraint Checker transforms your data into PDF drawings of your site, accurately reporting back any constraints detected within your chosen proximity settings.

This cloud-based platform will give you greater insight into potential issues for your projects. 

Risk reduction

Historically, project desk study exercises were carried out through third-party vendors (often restricted to one particular element such as environmental constraints) or through collating each site’s data manually. The challenge? This could easily result in missed datasets, either accidentally or because the engineer didn’t have the full picture. Our Constraints Checker tool uses a list of constraints—agreed upon by industry experts across multiple disciples—to ensure the relevant data is returned time after time.

Improved productivity

The Constraints Checker records all the latest constraint data in a central portal meaning that reports can be automatically generated. The tool is a powerhouse in assessing large projects such as cross-country pipeline, highway, or rail routes, helping teams analyse and assess data accurately and efficiently at the click of a button.


Using webhook application programming interfaces (APIs), Constraints Checker connects directly to the data source, ensuring that regardless of when the tool is used you are always accessing the latest dataset.

Bespoke solution

You may have a dataset that hasn’t been publicly released or one that’s been obtained specifically for your study area. Constraints Checker has the in-built functionality to enable file uploads from ArcGIS online content, URLs, or directly from local files in several supported formats.

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Yorkshire Water’s Water Industry National Environment Program (WINEP)

Using Constraints Checker, we were able to quickly evaluate all 81 sites on Yorkshire Water’s Water Industry National Environment Program (WINEP), identifying which of the sites would present significant issues at construction phase. Risks included river flooding, proximity to protected habitats, and challenging ground conditions. Equipped with this information at the earliest stage, our engineers were able to provide a solution that benefitted client and community while also protecting the environment.

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