Perform more detailed and effective mapping of geospatial data

Technology continues to evolve and grow—and we aim to be at the forefront of that evolution to provide better services for our clients.

Our Geospatial teams have used satellite radar and LiDAR data for image gathering for years. However, we’re moving beyond reading pixelated images, now taking advantage of AI and machine learning to accurately identify objects.

We’ve created ExtractX™, a digital tool which uses a new detailed mapping method called object-based image analysis. Now, we can account for image brightness, color, and texture to form recognizable features in the data set for more effective geospatial mapping.

Get detailed, object-based image analysis for all your geospatial mapping needs
Full Project Coverage
Minimum Resolution
1K km
Maximum Resolution

Map the entirety of your assets with unprecedented mapping accuracy.
Analyze images and LiDAR down to a resolution of one inch for unparalleled detail.
Analyze large areas like algal blooms in the Pacific Ocean with object-based image analysis.

The ExtractX™ Advantage

Get survey-grade detailed analyses of all objects located across the entirety of your project area.

Providing remote data

We had a client in Australia who wanted to stop sending field crews out to their mine site, but they still wanted to monitor how vegetation was recovering at the site. With ExtractX™, we were able to map out individual trees and shrubs and then monitor their height and their crown diameter using imagery and LiDAR data. We were able to limit the staff required and remotely provide detailed measurements on the biophysical parameters of the vegetation.
Expert Spotlight

Grant Wiseman, Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Success in consulting means communicating new ideas to clients, demonstrating the benefits of technology in a clear and concise way.
Grant Wiseman Remote Sensing Technology Manager Read More

Martha Farella, Data Scientist

I believe that applying state-of-the-art GIS techniques—imaging spectroscopy and machine learning—benefits a variety of ecological projects.

Brendan Player, Associate, Nature-based Climate Solutions Team Lead

My focus is utilizing environmental restoration and innovative sensor technology to help clients achieve their goals and objectives.
Brendan Player Associate, Nature-based Climate Solutions Team Lead Read More

Grant Wiseman

Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Martha Farella

Data Scientist

Brendan Player

Associate, Nature-based Climate Solutions Team Lead

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