Fast, reliable measurement of water flow rate for fire fighting

Fire Flow is an online geographical information system (GIS) tool that links building specifications and water network information. This connection allows users to test and determine the amount and pressure of water required to suppress a fire.

The tool calculates the fire flow rate—the minimum pressure required to fight a standard fire at the location—for specific buildings and identifies local hydrants that can be used in the event of a fire. Fire Flow searches for buildings by location and postcode and can digitally copy any property in 3D. The digital twins of each building help calculate required fire flows based on height, floor area, and occupational use. The tool combines this information with the fire flow rate from each hydrant operating individually and in groups, ultimately ranking the building by ability to meet fire flow requirements.

The fire appliance application in the tool also helps identify a location for fire engine placement and considers fire hose length and positioning to measure the impact on fire flow and provide base data to help inform quick decision making in the event of an emergency or in risk calculation and crisis planning exercises.

Only hydrants which meet certain criteria, such as being within a certain distance and where there is a valid route for a fire hose to be laid, will be identified by the tool. The same analysis can be done for fire engines—the user can select the location of the fire engine, and the system will choose the best hydrants to use and devise the routes for the fire hoses.

Saving lives with Stantec Fire Flow

Stantec Fire Flow tool is now working across the entire London area 24 hours a day and identifies most at-risk buildings by modeling digital twins for all the city’s 1.7M buildings. Learn More

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