Accurately monitor ground movement around your assets

There are many pieces of vital infrastructure that depend on stable ground for safe and efficient operation: pipelines, roads, airports, and hydroelectric dams. Shifting ground, whether caused by natural or artificial forces, can have disastrous economic and environmental implications.

Being able to track ground movement over a large landscape in and around your valuable assets allows you to diagnose potential issues before they become major problems.

GroundWATCH is a digital tool that uses inSAR technology to detect ground movement with millimetre accuracy and precision. This allows you to track current ground shifts and compare them to data taken over the past seven years.

Get precise measurements of ground movement surrounding your assets
Historical Data

The InSAR technology can achieve an image resolution of three metres (9.8 feet).
GroundWATCH detects ground deformation down to a millimetre (0.04 inches) on the vertical axis.
We have global satellite coverage from the past seven years to compare ground shifts during that span.

The GroundWATCH Advantage

By providing an accurate measurement of the ground motion on your landscape, GroundWATCH can give you peace of mind that your assets are protected.

Detailed history

In California, one of our clients is a dam operator. When they noticed potential ground shifting on one of their levees, we used GroundWATCH to show that the movement actually started in 2019, but stopped in 2021. And it has since stabilized. That detailed information saved our client time and money.
Expert Spotlight

Grant Wiseman, Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Success in consulting means communicating new ideas to clients, demonstrating the benefits of technology in a clear and concise way.
Grant Wiseman Remote Sensing Technology Manager Read More

Martha Farella, Data Scientist

I believe that applying state-of-the-art GIS techniques—imaging spectroscopy and machine learning—benefits a variety of ecological projects.

Brendan Player, Associate, Nature-based Climate Solutions Team Lead

My focus is utilizing environmental restoration and innovative sensor technology to help clients achieve their goals and objectives.
Brendan Player Associate, Nature-based Climate Solutions Team Lead Read More

Grant Wiseman

Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Martha Farella

Data Scientist

Brendan Player

Associate, Nature-based Climate Solutions Team Lead

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