mTOOLS™ is a collection of software applications designed to facilitate the collection, storage, and reporting of information

mTOOLS™ configures customizable solutions on a project-by-project basis, with minimal labor required and at an affordable cost.  When the collection of software applications are used correctly, these applications make repeatable activities (site investigation, environmental assessment, etc.) easy to perform, while improving informational integrity and reporting efficiency and quality to stakeholders.

While each application is created to satisfy a very specific information management function, they are also designed to work in coordination with the other applications in our suite. As a result, our PBS team assembles only the applications you need, resulting in a simple, intuitive solution without unnecessary functions.

mTOOLS™ Hosted Solutions automate and improve all aspects of:

  • Data collection: In the field, on or offline. We gather data, photos, and GPS locations on iPads or iPhones with automatic upload to a detailed website that is cloud-based and interactive for stakeholders.
  • Data analysis: The automated organization and integration of collected field data from multiple sources and locations, pulled together for real-time analysis with powerful mTOOLS™ web parts that map information to the interactive website.
  • Data reporting: One-click, automated report generation, combining collected data and photos in configurable layouts using familiar Microsoft and Adobe Acrobat electronic formats.

Data Collection

It’s complicated. We know. One of the most important assets of any project is the information that comes with it. We recognize there will be a lot of it—and that it will be complex. With mTOOLS™, you can access and manage it with on-the-go capabilities.

Our AutoForm™ application allows users to capture data and input the interface on a tablet. The application populates content to streamline assessments in the field, configures dropdown values to aid in consistent inputs, and includes touchscreen and voice-to-text capabilities. The application incorporates GPS, photo attachments, and annotations to improve user interface.

Inspectors use an iPad or equivalent device that connects to predefined forms built off inspection templates provided by the client. AutoForm™ will function either on or offline, allowing inspectors to complete their work with or without Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Once an inspector returns to a Wi-Fi network, all data and corresponding photos are synchronized from the mobile database to an enterprise database (e.g. SQL Server / SharePoint).

Similarly, field staff will collect data during the day where it is stored and backed-up on the device. When they re-establish connectivity, (i.e. return to their office, hotel, basecamp, or truck with boosted cellular coverage) they can upload the data. If workers are connected continuously, at any time, the data can be streamed back to the database using the replication service.

AutoForm™ Cloud
The newest addition to the mTOOLS™ suite of data collection applications is AutoForm™ Cloud. This product is our HTML web-based version of the AutoForm™ iOS data collection tool—it runs on any standard internet browser, so you’re not required to have an iPad or the AutoForm™ application to use it.

AutoForm™ Cloud allows the user to add and edit field data and integrates that data directly with SharePoint. You can view historical information and photos, and when you sync, your WebForm content will refresh with SharePoint so that you can see your updates, as well as any updates from others. Just another way the mTOOLS™ team is making data easy. By allowing the user to manage data on the go and back in the office. 

Data Analysis

The mTOOLS™ suite is an award-winning set of modular and scalable tools that increases the speed and effectiveness of communication and decision making, while promoting improved governance, quality, and transparency. These tools fit within an easy-to-use portal that combines Commercial Off the Shelf software and local systems with process thinking and program management expertise.

mTOOLS™ provides our team with mix-and-match solutions that enable project teams to implement high-profit work in a quick turnaround time. This configurable technology helps to enhance the speed of sale and service delivery time. Subject Matter Experts will be able to use their skill sets while improving institutional knowledge, resulting in improved retention rates at a competitive price.

The mTOOLS™ suite enables individual knowledge to be shared across organizational structures, capturing processes and procedures in an intuitive, web-enabled framework that can be accessed from multiple locations. This approach helps ensure that quality, consistency, and delivery effectiveness can be maintained in the near term, while also mitigating the impact of longer-term business pressures—such as cyclical expenditure and staffing pressures—through proactive planning and knowledge culture.

Data Reporting

mTOOLS™ provides a means of rapidly creating reports from the data to an agreeable template. Data can be reported in a variety of ways to support the needs of the report users. The consistent format and layout of the reports assist in understanding and navigating pertinent information. Exception reporting—when items that lie outside of defined parameters are flagged for attention—maximizes the value added in progress meetings. The reports are automatically created by the tool to ensure that technical expertise is directed at technical problem solving—not administrative effort. The reports are equipped to be easily published with rich photographs, informative charts, and consistent formatting.

Reports are available in a number of familiar formats such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat. These formats can be effortlessly exported as a CSV file that promotes versatility with various computing systems. As a result, the data is adaptable, and encourages a streamlined data flow that provides functionality after a project is complete.


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