Determining the route to success for your project

Route Selector, a tool that can be deployed at any stage of your project lifecycle, unleashes the power of data analytics to enable efficient infrastructure design. This powerful geographic information system (GIS) tool can be tailored to meet your project needs and integrate seamlessly with your own systems and processes.

The route selector incorporates the power of machine learning in an intuitive geographical interface which improves user engagement to rapidly consider a range of possible pipeline routes against a number of constraints. Drawing upon the technical engineering expertise of our people, the Route Selector is firmly embedded into our design and project management approach, allowing the optimal route for your project to be identified far quicker, more consistently, and with less cost than current conventional methods.

Once the project-specific rules are decided upon, the Route Selector can generate cross country routes in a matter of minutes. 

Latest data

Using webhook application programming interfaces (APIs), the Route Selector connects directly to the data source, ensuring that regardless of when the tool is used, you are always accessing the latest dataset.

Scenario modelling

The speed and ease of adaptation allows you to rapidly generate multiple routes, each with their own benefits and challenges. For example, the shortest route may have the worst impact environmentally, and the route that’s best for the environment may have an increased impact on customers. The platform can quickly generate and compare these scenarios, giving you the power to make informed decisions.

Document and plan generation

The platform saves significant time through its ability to automatically populate reports and generate detailed drawings along the route at a scale of your choosing.

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