Predicting and defining an effective sewer jetting program

A proactive approach to the maintenance of sewer assets reduces the likelihood that your customers, stakeholders, or the environment will be adversely impacted by a service failure. 

Jetting is traditionally used to reduce the likelihood of internal and external sewer flooding, restricted toilet use, odor issues, and pollution of the environment. These events can severely impact people’s quality of life, detract from a community, and cause damage to ecosystems.

The Sewer Jetting Optimizer tool that we designed offers real-time analytics that enable smart scheduling of sewer jetting activities. Machine-learned analytics determine the pattern of environmental characteristics that have historically preceded a blockage and identify when that pattern is forecast to occur in the coming week.

With the addition of feedback from the proactive jetting activities, these analytics improve the targeting and scheduling of jetting activities to ensure that your business takes full advantage of these maintenance activities.

Our Sewer Jetting Optimizer can support the optimisation of activities, reducing the chance that cleansing is done too often or not frequently enough. In the long run, these improvements help to prevent long-term damage to the sewer network of unnecessarily frequent high-pressure jetting activities. The tool can be offered as a stand-alone service or embedded into your cloud environment. 

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