Instant insight into soil quality and all underground obstacles

Dutch regulations state that before excavation activities take place, information on soil quality needs to be gathered to ensure the safety of employees—as well as to avoid the spreading of known contaminations. The data is available in various public sources, but collection is time consuming and costly, and interpretation requires specific environmental and safety expertise. Stantec's Soil Risk Map gives a precise indication of the soil quality and the safety level. Anywhere in the Netherlands.
Tailor-made information. For every excavation project
Short Cable & Piping Routing
Long Cable & Piping Routing
Unplanned Excavations
Large-scale Projects

Why request information from different public sources and waste time? The Soil Risk Map gives instant access to all information in more than 65% of cases with just a few clicks.
What costs and delays can be expected? Which sections of the route can you start directly? The Soil Risk Map gives all the information you need to prepare your project.
When dealing with repairs to a network, speed is essential. Ideally, you want to go in directly to fix the problem. Our app gives you an immediate estimate of the safety risks at the location.
The Soil Risk Map is very valuable for exploring large and small projects. An environmental manager can easily reduce the bandwidth of a risk assessment at an early stage.

The how and why

When digging into Dutch soil, you may encounter all kinds of obstacles, such as contaminated soil, tree roots, a high groundwater level, or even explosive remnants of war or archaeological finds. Dutch law and regulations require you to conduct research and take (sometimes far-reaching) measures—resulting in high research costs and long schedules.

But why do extensive soil quality studies every time, for every project, while we already know so much about the environmental health of the soil? Over 10 years ago we concluded that this had to be radically changed. And could be. Since then, we have collected all relevant soil data and brought it all together in one easy-to-use platform: the Soil Risk Map. A one-stop solution, which in the majority of cases, takes away the need for field studies. With a few mouse clicks, you know where you stand as a work planner or service engineer. Both behind your desk and in the field. 

Modules of the Soil Risk Map

The Soil Risk Map consists of 6 modules, shown in separate map layers. The Soil Risk Map interprets all available data in different ways per data type. For example, the chemical analysis results are converted to safety classes in accordance with the Dutch standards of CROW 400, using an algorithm. And of more than a hundred million trees, the size of the root system is entered based on expert judgment.

Clear reporting

As a service engineer, you can use the Soil Risk Map in the field. The app will give you a clear direction for any location: red, yellow, or green. Giving you instant information on clothing regulations and safety measures to take, so you can get started as soon as actually possible.

As a work planner, you will have an insight into all the underlying map layers, and receive advice on the proper approach and every necessary measures.

All recommendations are provided with a clear and concise report with a direct reference to the information used, which can be used to justify your actions to the competent authority., where creativity, technology and expertise come together

The Soil Risk Map is part of our special set of high-quality technical solutions designed by our experts and our digital specialists, in collaboration with customers around the world.

Digging in

Join podcast host Dave Roberts and product experts, Arthur Coevert and Christiaan Jolly, for an in-depth discussion on how we’re using this technology to provide instant insights into soil quality in the Netherlands. Learn More
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