Reducing environmental impact

Earthworks on a solar project can be a major unknown or estimated expense. The common result? More earth being disturbed than necessary and increased timeframes for construction. We believe the transition to a cleaner form of energy should be less impactful to the environment in every way.

With Stantec Beacon™, we can account for the tolerances at every pile, allowing us to cut the earthworks effort by up to 50 percent. This is a game changer for solar farms.

Stantec Beacon employs design criteria and inputs from the owner and multiple design packages to improve the grading surface of a solar facility by controlling tracker pile heights, which reduces cut and fill. This method provides a realistic and calculated proposed grading surface for the entire site.

Increase energy production and reduce construction costs

Stantec Beacon™ is a digital application that can decrease construction costs, reduce earthworks, and increase the energy production of solar farms.

Converting potential into power

Renewable energy is a cornerstone of a resilient and sustainable community. With years of experience and dozens of projects focused on harnessing the power of solar, we recognize the transformative impact solar power can have on the world around us. Stantec Beacon™ is a major step forward in achieving a smart power balance—not just by creating a faster and more economical path to solar farm installation, but by significantly reducing the impact to the environment in the process. Learn More

Tapping into technology to accelerate the energy transition

When we began designing one of the largest solar farms in North America, we faced a monumental task: accommodating 1.3 million panels on 3,300 acres (1,335 hectares). Using industry standard methods, the design process would take about five months and produce only half of the design detail the client desired. With Beacon, we fully automated the design process, reducing the effort to almost half the time and saving the client time and money as well as greatly cutting the environmental impact. Learn More

How to repeatedly save time and money

In this presentation from Stantec’s 2022 Innovation Summit, Beacon creator Kyle Jones talks about how working on the largest solar farm in Canada inspired us to automate the design process, creating valuable outcomes—including cutting design time in half, providing more accurate results, reducing construction schedule and cost, mitigating site disturbance and carbon emissions, giving full control to the designer, and adding value for our clients. Learn More

Follow the Beacon

Stantec Beacon creator Kyle Jones joined podcast hosts Dave Roberts and Mike Arsenault to discuss the benefits of solar facilities, the challenges of construction, and the inefficiencies inherent in the solar facility design process. Listen Now
Expert Spotlight

Kyle Jones, Civil Designer

Whatever obstacles or challenges lie ahead or behind you, it's the time at hand that deserves your best.

Mark Wilson, Vice President, Heavy Industrial Process and Thermal Sector Leader

I have worked hard to always do what’s right for my clients, and as a result I’ve been rewarded by becoming their trusted advisor.
Mark Wilson Vice President, Heavy Industrial Process and Thermal Sector Leader Read More

Kim Hubbert, Innovation Leader, Energy & Resources

Using digital initiatives to enhance how we work helps us save our clients money, provide efficiencies, and create a better deliverable.
Kim Hubbert Innovation Leader, Energy & Resources Read More

Peter Bright, Principal, Regional Sub-Sector Leader, Solar (Canada & Australia)

Outgoing, versatile, and energetic project management style maximizes efficiency, delivery, and quality.
Peter Bright Principal, Regional Sub-Sector Leader, Solar (Canada & Australia) Read More

Carl Broberg, Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager

The power of collaboration lies in nurturing high-performing teams, empowering individuals to bring their unique strengths to the table.
Carl Broberg Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager Read More

Kyle Jones

Civil Designer

Mark Wilson

Vice President, Heavy Industrial Process and Thermal Sector Leader

Kim Hubbert

Innovation Leader, Energy & Resources

Peter Bright

Principal, Regional Sub-Sector Leader, Solar (Canada & Australia)

Carl Broberg

Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager

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