Geospatial Platforms & Analytics

  • Aeronautical Surveys at Alaska Airports

    Supporting the FAA’s NextGen initiative with more than 30 aeronautical surveys

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  • Aurora Energy Powerline Vegetation Encroachment

    Using satellite imagery to identify vegetation encroachment on powerlines

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  • City of Sarasota - Utility GIS Improvements

    Updates ready to install

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Location, location, information

We are seeing an increased demand for the use of geospatial technologies to better serve our clients, provide more efficient workflows, and improve information delivery. Our geospatial experts provide services that facilitate the collection, storage, retrieval, distribution, display, and analysis of geospatial data.

Our vision is to provide unparalleled geospatial services to our clients through creativity, leading-edge technology, and exceptional project delivery.

Which remote sensing technology is right for you?

Remote sensing generates accurate and reliable data about almost anything related to the surface of the earth. This data helps people make informed decisions about how best to manage the natural and built environments. There are four main categories of remote sensing —Satellite Imagery, Piloted Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Aquatic Remote Sensing. Which one is right for you? Read More

One person’s cell phone is another person’s planning tool

Cynthia Albright shares how we used anonymized cellphone data to address congestion in Lake Tahoe, looking to protect the environment. This work was awarded a Gold National Planning Award by the American Planning Association.

Geo-ICT at Stantec

The specialty GIS team in the Netherlands focuses on what has become a crucial part of the engineering services Stantec provides: the visualization of data and sharing of documentation through online portals, maps and other platforms.


Asset Management & EHS Compliance Software Our team can develop, implement, and support the registration of stand-alone or fully integrated systems, from initial system planning and acquisition through to operations and maintenance.
Computational Design Computational design automates repetitive and challenging problems using iterative processes—so our team can focus on the vision of a project.
Data Analytics & Intelligence Technologies like cell phones and Internet of Things devices create countless data points each day, but to what end? Using advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, our data intelligence experts are solving a wide range of problems.
Design Visualization Through design visualization, clients and stakeholders can picture the building they’ll work in, the bridge they’ll drive over, the neighborhood their kids will play in, and the campus that becomes a home away from home.
Internet of Things & Edge Computing Platform The Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing are reshaping the way we live, work, and play. By processing data closer to the source, we can improve automation efficiency and equipment utilization.
Project Information Management Systems With the right project information management system, it’s easy to collect, store, access, collaborate, and report on the critical information needed for effective project management, design, and delivery.
Remote Sensing With Earth observation imaging solutions, we offer clients around the world a new way to scan, detect, and identify changes in the environment.

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