About Hydrogeology & Geochemistry

Dynamic mine water management requires interactive models

Through numerical modeling, we can replicate and calibrate to your surface water and groundwater systems. We also conduct modeling to address the variability of water chemistry over time from geochemical reactions in waste rock, pit wall rock, ore, and tailings. We then put these results into a site-wide water balance model like GoldSim™ to predict water quantity and quality, incorporating natural uncertainty and event-driven risks. These models, through stochastic simulation, are used to determine the potential variability in water volume and quality over the life of your mine.

Once the average and extreme conditions have been defined, our experts develop cost-effective mine water management solutions for your project.

Our water balance and quality modeling services include

  • Hydrologic modeling (HEC-HMS, UBC watershed Model, Mike SHE)
  • Groundwater contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Site-wide operational water balance modeling
  • Stochastic modeling and sensitivity analysis
  • Water quality modeling and impacts to receiving waters
  • Integrated groundwater/surface water modeling
  • Water quality modeling
  • Climate change effects analysis
  • Geochemical characterization for waste rock, ore, and tailings
  • Pit lake geochemical modeling

Our environmental geochemisty services include

  • Aqueous geochemistry of metals and radionuclides
  • Tailings and leach facility geochemistry
  • Aquatic toxicology and environmental risk assessment
  • One source, two systems well-managed
  • Surface and groundwater systems

Water can be found in many forms. In a storm, water falls from the sky as a million drops and lands on the mine. From baseline feasibility evaluations and environmental impact studies to complex site-wide water balance models to stormwater management planning and development, our water experts can work with you to design a pragmatic cost-effective surface water management solution for your mine.

Flowing under the ground surface in the soil and within the rocks, water takes on the valuable form of groundwater. Our dedicated team of hydrogeologists and hydrogeochemists is ready to help you minimize and mitigate your mine’s potential impacts on groundwater.

Using their thorough understanding of mining hydrogeology and their collective experience in hard rock mine environments, our people can conduct groundwater investigations at your mine site to estimate water volume and quality so that efficient water management scenarios can be developed.

Like groundwater and surface water systems, our teams are also closely connected. Our hydrogeologists, hydrologists, biologists (aquatic, terrestrial, wetland), geomorphologists, geochemists, water quality specialists, and engineers collaborate on projects to find the best and most cost efficient solutions.

Our water modeling services include

  • Aquifer characterization and testing
  • Regional and basin-wide modeling
  • Integrated surface/groundwater modeling
  • Pit and underground dewatering modeling
  • Pit lake water and chemical mass balance modeling
  • Cover design and infiltration modeling
  • Water supply evaluation and permitting
  • 3D geological characterization and visualization


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