Natural Capital & Natural Resource Economics

  • Callahan Mine Remedial Investigation

    Reclaiming and restoring a landscape

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  • A Natural Capital Assessment of Groundwater

    Undertaking a natural capital assessment of groundwater that can be scaled up

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Assessing, valuing, and restoring natural resources

We’re giving clients the specific tools and design strategies they need to unlock value hidden within their assets. Our goal? To cost-effectively achieve corporate metrics, enhance corporate stewardship reputation, demonstrate sustainability, preserve social license to operate, and increase value to shareholders.

Our Natural Resource Valuation (NRV) program reflects deep and broad experience and expertise in assessing, valuing, preserving, and restoring natural resources. These professional services naturally fit with the on-the-ground restoration expertise afforded by Stantec’s ecosystem restoration program. We work across many Stantec business lines (water, buildings, transportation, oil & gas, industrial, etc.), providing customized service to both internal and external clientele. As many of Stantec’s NRV clients are confidential, we take special care to respect that confidentiality.

Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA)

While the NRDA process has evolved dramatically, our approach has remained constant—we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of NRDA over the past decade. Our staff has worked in nearly every marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environment, and maintain legally and scientifically defensible standards and confidentiality while resolving natural resource liability. What sets us apart? Our understanding of regulatory drivers, our expertise, and our respected relationships with the trustees who apply the regulatory frameworks.

Natural Capital

Natural capital is defined as the world’s renewable and nonrenewable resources that provide a flow of goods and service to all living things. Stantec integrates natural capital into project decision-making to identify economies of scale to increase sustainability, enhance and restore valuable ecosystem services, reduce tax and environmental liabilities, protect biodiversity, increase carbon sequestration, and minimize unnecessary environmental impacts, contributing to quality of life. Learn More

Quantitative Mitigation Analysis

Quantitative Mitigation Analysis (QMA), a tool developed by Stantec, provides a means of quantifying losses to natural resources and respective ecosystem services. QMA can be used to develop scaled compensatory mitigation projects, thereby facilitating permitting of large, complex commercial, mining, power, and other human developments. Our team can provide support at every step of the QMA process. We have extensive and broad experience with state and federal regulations—the drivers for compensatory mitigation.
We’re committed to the safety, sustainability, and profitability of your project.
Million Hours

With over 3,100 environmental professionals across the globe, our environmental team can deliver the local understanding to the Natural Resource Valuation process.
We have safely performed 1 million hours without an incident for one of our leading Oil & Gas clients.
With over 400 offices globally, we are ready to respond to your Natural Resource Valuation needs wherever they may be.


COVID Environmental Quality Services (CEQS) Custom services for COVID-19 building management
Nature-based Solutions Using Nature-based Solutions such as carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction, we can mitigate the ongoing effects of climate change.
Assessment & Permitting Using science to meet regulations.
Ecosystem Restoration Combining local environment knowledge with multi-disciplinary staff to re-establish ecological functions and biodiversity in damaged or degraded environments.
Ecosystems By documenting existing conditions and determining potential impacts, we develop avoidance and mitigation measures that are cost-effective but ensure protection of fish, aquatic invertebrates, and vegetation.
Remediation & Revitalization We use our expertise to investigate, plan and implement the right solution to your challenges. 
Water Resources We help you to protect and restore sensitive water resources, explore and develop new sources of water, and manage risk resulting from sedimentation and flooding.
Land Use Planning We provide responsible planning by creating careful and thoughtful options for right now as well as for the future that take into account site conditions, public input, client needs, and project requirements.
Alternative Project Delivery We provide Alternate Project Delivery (APD) that delivers significant added value in the form of earlier project delivery, reduced environmental impacts, and lowered capital and operating costs.
Asset Management Our Stantec Asset Management (SAM) sustainability experts help you find the most accurate, actionable data about your built assets so you can meet your environmental, social, and governance goals.
Sustainability Designs, initiatives, and projects that support a more sustainable world are how we’re going to reduce harmful impacts and secure our global future.
Transportation Services The success of a community is dependent on its transportation network.
Water Services Through the life cycle of capture, use, reuse, and discharge, our team works to optimize every facet of a water system.
Resilience Resilience means designing with the worst-case scenario in mind and creating a cost-effective solution that balances risks and needs.

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