• Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Restoration
  • Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps Project
  • Twin Harbors Sediment Study

Numerical Modeling Solutions

Harnessing the power of data

Numerical modeling provides essential insights into complex challenges that transform the vision of a project to a real-world implementation—whether improving designs, reducing risk of lives lost, mitigating property damage, or increasing confidence in extreme event scenarios.

State-of-the-art numerical models simulate and test project features, behaviors, or responses that mimic real-world settings and scenarios. The growing threat that climate change and sea-level rise pose to highly vulnerable coastal communities and vital ecosystems—like wetlands, estuaries, and barrier islands—emphasizes the critical need to understand the risks of today and beyond to develop solutions for tomorrow.

Thanks to advances in computing, paired with decades of engineering experience, our numerical modeling experts can create more accurate, cost-effective models forecasting the impact of storms and climate scenarios at a fraction of the time and cost of physical modeling.

Our goal? Delivering the right model for your project. A model that will provide data-driven answers infused with data science as well as analytic principles and meaningful visualizations. We’ll help you find actionable project paths to meet your future needs.

Rising sea levels

What do we do when sea levels threaten coastal environments and communities? Within the next 50 years, a seawall may not be enough. Considering multiple approaches and including nature-based solutions is vital. Success Story

Hurricanes and coastal disasters

Protect your community from the next storm of the century. With climate change driving larger, stronger storms, better insights and cost-effective visualization models can reduce flood risk, improve resilience, and preserve a coastal way of life. Success Story

Large Model Tests Flood Control Design

Stantec's custom designed physical model allowed engineers to test design assumptions for the PCCP.

Shoreline erosion

The erosion of our shorelines is a loss environmentally, socially, and economically. When an ecosystem collapses, it poses a serious threat to communities and their natural capital. Cutting edge modeling solutions help us understand the right protection strategies that will preserve our beaches, preserve our purses, and preserve our coastal habitats. Success Story

Water quality

Understanding the interaction of tides, wind, waves, and currents during normal and extreme events offers the clues needed to solve coastal water quality challenges. Success Story

Coastal ecosystem restoration

We create sustainable and resilient shoreline solutions with natural and nature-based features thanks to data-driven numerical models. Using a layered approach, we create custom, nature-based solutions providing effective barriers for shorelines. Success Story

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