Physical Security

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Protecting our communities

Our Physical Security team has completed hundreds of consulting, design, engineering, and management projects locally, across Canada, and internationally. What’s physical security? It’s a key concern for everyone from organizations to governments to communities. It combines security assessment with physical deterrents, staff readiness, and more. Designing with physical security in mind reduces the risk of accidental loss events or criminal opportunities against client assets.

To strengthen the feeling of security, we must rely on a host of details that go beyond simple physical barriers. We must think about the image that is projected and the respect that places arouse in us.

Dominic Chevrier Principal and Sector Leader, Physical & Technological Security

Impartial Outlooks

Team members are completely independent from any manufacturer, integrator, supplier, vendor, or reseller of physical security systems or equipment. We’re unbiased, and we give the best advice available to our clients based on their needs. Our prime objective is to offer physical security and consulting services with guaranteed impartiality in our findings, analyses, conclusions, and recommendations.

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