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Public Participation

Managing change

By being involved from the conceptual stage of a project, we raise awareness and understanding of the project’s impact, define and manage expectations, and build trusting relationships between those impacted by the project and those building it. We use traditional and non-traditional methods from public meetings, focus groups, and open houses to web surveys and social media to share information and ensure all affected groups have a say in a forum that works for them.

The world has changed. People want their voices heard. We’re here to make that happen.

Michele Perret Principal, Community Engagement Lead

Low Level Road - Town Hall Meeting

Using a 3D visualization presentation, we showed stakeholders what to expect from an infrastructure improvement project.

Change often comes with stress and uncertainty. Our public participation specialists work with our clients to develop and implement communication and consultation plans that allow people affected by change to understand, influence, and accept it. When a new development is planned or new building built, the community wants to know how it will affect traffic, the environment, and their daily lives. When a new park is planned, users want to be involved to create a space that meets their needs. During the public participation process, views and concerns can be expressed to inform decision-making and build consensus. The result is a project that is viable and more likely to be accepted by a community that feels like it had a voice.
We help colleagues, clients, and community stakeholders navigate differences and find common ground
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