Research + Benchmarking

  • Olathe West High School

    Where students drive the learning process through inquiry and curiosity

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  • Autism Treatment Center of San Antonio

    A design-specific space for treating autism

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  • GVSU - Mary Idema Pew Library

    A library that flexes to the needs of the students

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Research that educates our design

Design is an industry of constant change and evolution. To be truly successful, you must continually learn. This is the simple idea behind our Research + Benchmarking (R+B) program.

Our designers, planners, engineers, and team members are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve and provide clients with the most innovative solutions. The Research + Benchmarking (R+B) program helps us do that by providing an internal framework that allows our team to investigate areas where we see opportunity to increase our collective knowledge, study a trend, evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of our designs, and share what we learn with our partners across the globe.  We’re proud that our designs are supported by real research and actual practice, and are committed to continually learning and enhancing the services and expertise we offer to our clients and communities.

Advancing our sustainable design strategies

Our Sustainability Research + Benchmarking Group works collectively to create better, healthier, and more energy-efficient learning environments. Hear how our research informs our best practices today.

Pairing innovation and research with a clear purpose to create meaningful change.
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