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Educate, motivate, and activate

The energy transition is here. To involve all stakeholders in the discussion—from policy makers to companies and from staff to students to residents— we offer a suite of serious games and simulations. The aim? Increasing awareness around, and accelerating towards, a more climate resilient future. Each game can be tailored to your unique characteristics and needs based on partners, municipality, or region.

Climate Chase Game 2.0

An innovative way to present and discuss the spatial impact of the energy transition. This tailor-made game designed for city councils, municipal leadership, and resident representation makes the energy transition tangible. Using an actual map of the municipality or region, participants literally lay out possibilities for energy creation or saving, allowing them to analyze objectives, challenges, and opportunities for the municipality and give light to which direction to take. A unique way to jointly give direction to sustainability.

Unlock the Volt

An online escape room, focusing on climate change, and developed with escape room professionals. In Unlock the Volt, participants get a glimpse of a household in 2058. They work in teams to escape from room to room by finding puzzle solutions related to climate and energy efficiency. An innovative and fun team-building tool for all ages, Unlock the Volt helps raise awareness about the local energy transition, improve teambuilding and public participation, and clarify what the needs in your community or team really are. Read More

Climate Challenge

A task-oriented challenge to help staff, colleagues, or residents become more climate aware. This contest, which lasts for a full month, was designed to create awareness and raise understanding of the urgency of climate change—from insights to impact. Through a series of interactive online or in-person tasks, groups of all sizes can participate in the Climate Challenge, which brings a gaming element to their efforts while addressing topics such as saving energy at home, sustainable mobility, or circular economy. Read More

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