Climate Challenge

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Take on the sustainability battle with colleagues and neighbors

Everyone wants to do something to become energy neutral, but where do you start? The Climate Challenge gives participants assignments to carry out in their own home and living environment. For example, you save energy in your house, you try out new routines to get to work more sustainably, or you discover how much fun the circular economy can be by experimenting with it.

The Climate Challenge is for large and small organizations who are looking for an inspiring and useful teambuilding activity, a direct and measurable way to tackle energy poverty, or an appealing angle to explore circularity.

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How it works

Make an inventory of the initial situation
The Climate Challenge’s interactive kick-off starts with an awareness presentation and game explanation. Each participant makes an inventory of their initial situation to gain insight into current behavior and consumption.

Weekly assignments
Every week, participants receive assignments that they can carry out independently.

Share experiences
It’s important to let participants share experiences or even discuss tactics, because this can increase the impact. This can be done through a communication platform where participants can post updates about their progress or share challenges.

Conclusion and impact determine
At the end of the month, we take stock—how much energy have you been able to save? What have we saved together as a group? To conclude, an (online) activity is organized in the theme of the month. 

Practical information
4 Weeks
1 Hour Per Week

The Climate Challenge’s total playing time is spread over several weeks. We can do this entirely online or entirely in person. Or something in between.
We welcome groups big and small into the game.
Prices for playing the game differ, depending on the number of game modules.
The game can be played in both English and Dutch, with all of the accompanying introductions and explanations.

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