Assessing the potential for SuDS retrofit opportunities

Surface Water Assessor helps determine the potential for sustainable drainage system (SuDS) retrofit opportunities by producing visual geographical information system (GIS) outputs and excel calculations. These outputs are designed to give you both a qualitative and quantitative assessment of a region—such as the locations and types of opportunities, the impermeable area it may be able to drain, flow paths and their elevation profiles, and overall cost.

The Surface Water Assessor draws on data from a variety of sources including address point data, LiDAR digital terrain models, open street mapping, Ordnance Survey MasterMaps, road centerline data, sewer network data, and watercourse data.

Stantec’s digital approach enables the automated identification of opportunity and the ability to improve outputs through user specifications.

Opportunity quantification

User-selected areas of opportunity can be assessed individually or as a whole-catchment solution. The Surface Water Assessor outputs a full breakdown of opportunities, quantities, and cost, alongside a calculation of the impermeable area upstream that is able to be intercepted.

Impermeable area visualisation

The Sustainable Water Assessor tool outputs a visual representation of the impermeable area of a region, split into categories of road and roof. This helps you quantify an area’s need for SuDS as well as identify the opportunity to place them.

Tracing and connecting

By choosing the best route and including digital terrain models, the Surface Water Assessor traces upstream and identifies surface water flow paths to storage measures and discharge. After performing a study area assessment, the tool estimates the extra pipework required to complete connectivity, using defined conveyance and filing in the gaps.

Customisable Optimisation

The tool compares key areas, helping you identify and select grids of interest and change the algorithm to fit your project’s bespoke needs. Custom elements include tolerances in gravity networks, maximum flow path lengths, and quantification of performance over multiple rainfall return periods.

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