Accelerating automated mobility

There are many paths on the road to automation. Stantec GenerationAV™ aims to safely accelerate that journey. We’ve worked on automated mobility since before most people knew it even existed. That experience has given us a deep perspective on what lies ahead for the industry, and what that future means for clients and communities everywhere.

We know one size can’t fit all when it comes to deploying automated vehicles. How do we know? Because we’ve spent years helping clients figure out AV solutions. Together with our best-in-class industry partners, we’re helping clients deploy AVs safely, for the good of their communities.

Products & Services

AV Deployment Playbook Our six-phase autonomous vehicle deployment guide, complete with tools, templates, and checklists, will help you confidently deploy any AV system in any environment.
GenerationAV™ Learning Center In our one-stop-shop for education on all things AV, our industry experts and technology partners simplify autonomous vehicle technical information and best practices, providing you with a foundation to confidently realize their potential.
AV Industry Analytics Full of information on AV companies, deployment details, and vehicle platform specs, our AV Industry Analytics platform helps clients compare solutions, write procurement specs, and move closer to operations. Web app launching Summer 2021.
AV Planning Whether you're developing an autonomous vehicle strategy, considering a pilot program, full deployment, or developing your infrastructure readiness plan, we’ll get you ready for an autonomous future.
Smart Mobility Readiness Assessment Is your community ready to embrace and adopt smart mobility advancements? Considering your needs and challenges, our assessment will determine your level of readiness for a smarter future.
AV Safety Assessment A safe and effective autonomous vehicle deployment program can be realized with our comprehensive safety verification assessment, tools, and processes.
AV Engineering Whether deploying electric vehicles or autonomous vehicles, we can work with you to determine and design your infrastructure needs and integrate new technology into your existing transportation system.
Uncertainty is normal. Only by guiding our communities through their uncertainties and challenges can we truly accelerate automated mobility
Of cities struggle with procurement
Of cities struggle to keep up
Of cities struggle with regulations
< 2%

Nearly half of cities say procurement complexity is a major obstacle to improving their mobility through automation.
Over a third of cities say keeping pace with technological change is a challenge.
Over a third of cities identify policy and regulatory barriers as a challenge.
Less than 2% of North American cities have experience planning for and deploying AVs.

Our external consultants

We recognize the value in bringing the right people to the party. Together with our team of industry experts, we’ll help our clients deploy AV to reach new levels of safety, sustainability, and efficiency—and give their communities a crucial new tool for improving mobility. Meet the External Team

Our Partners

  • dRISK
    dRISK dRISK delivers the first true driving test for AVs, with patented technology to test and validate on edge cases, improving performance and safety.
  • ICARUS Ops
    ICARUS Ops ICARUS Ops™ is eliminating human-error through their digital checklist platform, developed from aviation best practices to help achieve safe AV production and operation.
  • POCO Labs
    POCO Labs As leaders in autonomous vehicle system research and collaboration, POCO Labs’ global expertise powers connections and innovation at the intersection of new mobility and the built environment.
  • kVA by UL
    kVA by UL From hazard analysis to functional design and validation target-setting, kVA by UL’s knowledge of the automotive product development lifecycle sets them apart in the functional safety industry.
  • Velodyne
    Velodyne Velodyne provides smart lidar solutions for autonomy and driver assistance, with a line of high-performance products that includes a range of sensing solutions and driver assistance software.
  • Airogroup
    Airogroup The AIRO Group provides best-in-class aerospace, urban air mobility, and autonomy technologies along with services uniquely capable of addressing the wide spectrum of global aerospace markets.

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