Five-dimensional insight into contaminations

Interpretation of soil and groundwater contaminations usually takes place with a layered representation of the contours of groundwater contamination at different depths. For a technically savvy user directly usable, but to make policy decisions or to provide insight to those involved, you need an understandable picture. 5D gives that image.

Finding new solutions for usually truly old and persistent challenges in a traditional, technical business, is what motivates me every day.

Rik de Visser Operations Director

5D, a new dimension in the management of soil data

Combining unique 3D visualizations, with the dimensions of time and money, 5D gives a crystal clear view of the movement of groundwater contaminations over time and the results of possible remedial measures.

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Three dimensional visualizations

Using a three-dimensional interpolation of different measuring points with a voxel based software tool, we display these contaminants in a 3D-image. These pictures show in which direction a contaminant has spread. The software can also be used to calculate the volumes of contaminated soil, making it possible - for each volume with a certain concentration level – to calculate the mass of contaminant. A visualized groundwater contamination provides insight into understanding of the situation, for all stakeholders involved.

Time, the fourth dimension

By comparing data from different monitoring intervals, 5D provides insight into the development over time: is the contamination stable or is the amount of spreading a reason to intervene? To answer this question, the output can be exported to groundwater modelling software to model the transport of the contaminations and make predictions based on degradation modules (Visual ModFlow). This forms a clear basis for quantifying proliferation risks of groundwater contaminations and predicting the behaviour over a longer period of time.

Costs, the fifth dimension

Based on the insight into the changes of soil and groundwater contaminations over time, decisions on the continuance, adjustments or termination of monitoring and remediation projects can be made. Costs play an important role in this. 5D can be used to calculate the required investment for different scenarios. With insight into this fifth dimension, we provide the information needed to make an informed decision, to create a detailed rationale for discussions on required reserves and budgets versus remedial targets and efficiency.
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Rik de Visser, Operations Director

Finding new solutions for usually truly old and persistent challenges in a traditional, technical business, is what motivates me every day.

Rik de Visser

Operations Director

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