Creativity & Innovation

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It needs to be fostered. Stantec takes a proactive approach through its Creativity and Innovation Programme. There are innovation funds to support the development of ideas, innovation forums to share them, support for publishing and speaking to share ideas more widely. But its more than the programmes, its cultural – empowering people in Stantec – our young people – to experiment, to explore new ideas, to share them and work with others to bring them to fruition.

Technology Forward

The world of consultancy is changing at pace, and our clients’ needs are changing too. Technology is rapidly influencing the nature of the communities we are designing for, digital practice is becoming the norm, and the need to harness power of data analytics and artificial intelligence is fast becoming mainstream. Working with our global Practice Technology Group, digital industry partners and local digital practice groups, we are harnessing innovation across our organisation to develop new means of being more efficient in delivery.

Continuous Learning

We always put education and training at the heart of our business. We take leadership roles in the development of new routes to professional development in the UK, and develop bespoke in-house programmes to develop technical, consulting, management and leadership skills, targeted at developing teams who understand how to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. We use our experience to create leading graduate and apprenticeship programmes to support continuous learning and development for those progressing their careers with Stantec.

Young Consultants and Developing Professionals

The future of Stantec and how we see the future of communities lies with our young people. Through our Developing Professionals Groups and Young Consultants Forum, we support their professional and personal development, and foster an understanding of the importance of a collaborative and creative culture to stimulate innovation and effective project outcomes.

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