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Published in WET News: Making the outcomes-based approach to delivering infrastructure work better

April 16, 2019

By Paul Taylor

With busy periods approaching across a number of sectors, it is vital to ensure the right approach is in place

Next year marks the start of the AMP7 period of regulated water infrastructure in the UK. Other sectors are also investing at this time, including CP6 (rail), RIS2 (roads), Q6 (airports) and RIIO2 (energy), as well as HS2, Crossrail 2 and Tideway.

The investment scale means the infrastructure sector will be at full stretch. So how can we deliver these requirements in a timely and cost-efficient way?

In this WET News article, Paul Taylor, Executive Technical Director, Programme Management at Stantec, highlights how water companies, consultants and delivery organisations will need to reflect on the lessons learnt from the AMP6 delivery period and update their methodologies—and strategies—to ensure an outcomes-based approach improves the delivery of infrastructure in the UK.

Read the full article published by WET News and featured on WWT Online.

  • Paul Taylor

    As Executive Technical Director of Programme Management, Paul has responsibility for ensuring consistency, predictability and delivery of measurable benefits and tangible outcomes across large infrastructure capital programmes in the UK.

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