Efficient, reliable modeling

Extreme weather events impact our infrastructure, the environment, and the communities we are part of. Being prepared for the next major event may seem improbable, but with Flood Manager, you can be.

Flood manager is a secure, cloud-based platform that helps scientists and engineers run models faster than ever before. It quickly loads and processes a variety of models with automated quality analysis, data post processing, and reporting to assist your engineer's validation and confidence. Flood Manager provides users with efficient access, storage, and location-based viewing of models and results. The result? A better understanding of your potential flood risk and the ability to quickly assess and visualize new risks before they arise—allowing you to get ahead and put measures into place to mitigate any impact.

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Manage flood risk to protect your communities

Stantec’s Flood Manager is a digital application that can help communities assess their flood risk quickly and accurately with parallel computing power.

Staying ahead of schedule

Built to prepare and protect communities from flooding, Flood Manager securely connects data, people, institutions, systems, and applications throughout the water resources project lifecycle. It is vendor, device, and system neutral, enabling standardization while accommodating flexibility and scalability for future readiness. Flood Manager is powered by Connect, Stantec’s powerful cloud-based platform that makes digital-assisted science, engineering, and design possible. Read More

Making implementation easy

When we launch a product, we think about more than getting it into the hands of people who need it—we're focused on making sure that product is doing all the things you want it to do. This means working to understand your business needs and how this product will fit into your existing operations. When you invest in Flood Manager, our Professional Services team will work with you to implement it, integrate it into your current system, and customize it as needed to fit your business models and goals. Read More

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Being prepared for the next potential flooding event is within your reach. Connect with us for more information and to see how Flood Manager can get you there. Yes, I'm interested
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Jeff Albee, Vice President, Director, Digital Solutions

Technology is more than new capabilities and improved performance; it’s also about upending traditional business models and value chains.
Jeff Albee Vice President, Director, Digital Solutions Read More

Jeff Albee

Vice President, Director, Digital Solutions

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