Our declaration

Stantec Australia is committed to making a positive impact. We recognise the importance of raising awareness about the climate and biodiversity emergencies, alongside contributing positively to society, and averting climate breakdown through our projects.

Our teams are committed to designing sustainable, resilient communities, mitigating the effects of climate change, helping biodiversity, and supporting the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Our designs contribute to equity in society, delivering social value by building better places and communities—improving the lives of those who live, work and study in them.

Together, we will champion a creative, technology-forward, collaborative approach to tackling climate change throughout our operations, project work, and our industry. 

We care about the environment in which we live and work

We recognise the impact we can have as a product of what we do, through our corporate actions, the projects and solutions we deliver, and through our thought leadership. Our aim is to fully integrate low carbon thinking and management throughout our business, and to drive continuous improvement and innovation over the longer term. We are continually challenging how we can create better solutions with enhanced environmental benefits, that align with project, client, and community outcomes.

Stantec is working to:

  • Deliver climate-resilient built environment projects and developments.
  • Make renewable energy and related infrastructure feasible and equitable.
  • Conserve water, protect sources from pollution and reduce waste.
  • Advance the science of wastewater treatment.
  • Consider emerging trends to deliver sustainable communities including wellbeing, living small, autonomous vehicles, and small-scale agriculture.
  • Design and employ innovative technologies.
  • Reduce carbon through design and engineering solutions.
  • Guide clients to deliver the energy transition and incorporate renewable technologies.

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