Protecting our most precious resource

Dams do more than just store water. At Stantec, we understand the crucial role they serve in our communities, from providing flood mitigation during times of heavy rains to supplying water in seasons of drought. Our specialists are skilled in every facet of dam delivery, from assessment, planning, design, through to construction.

From fill dams to roller-compacted concrete dams, our engineers and scientists strive to deliver a range of solutions such as conventional dams and hydroelectric dams. Our dam experience extends to fill, concrete, and roller-compacted concrete dams—that differ from concrete in a few ways, namely faster construction with simpler constructability. When it comes to concrete dams, we’ve delivered numerous new concrete dams designs of differing types, including gravity, arch, buttress and arch-gravity dams.

We’ve consistently led the industry in the design of earth and rockfill dams, including specialty designs incorporating asphaltic cores or concrete-faced structures. Our experience includes a full suite of regulatory compliance services, including Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD) dam safety evaluations and potential failure mode analyses (PFMAs). Drawing on our multidisciplinary global experience, our consultants can design a solution tailored to your needs.

When natural disaster hits, you want to know you’re protected

Flooding can have devastating effects on our communities, as we’ve recently experienced across Australia. The 2022 floods caused people to lose their lives and tore through our cities destroying our homes and infrastructure. The total sum of the devastation is untold. One way to protect ourselves against such natural disasters is by designing robust flood mitigation strategies.
Expert Spotlight

Mark Cordell, Market Leader—Dams and Hydropower, Australia

I get satisfaction at work by making sure our solutions are not only technically sound and cost effective but also ‘best for project’.
Mark Cordell Market Leader—Dams and Hydropower, Australia Read More

Dr. Fiona Taukulis, Business Leader, Environment WA

My team and I are widely recognised by clients and regulators as the foremost salt lake ecology specialists in Western Australia.
Dr. Fiona Taukulis Business Leader, Environment WA Read More

Maddison Bailey, Senior Project Manager

I'm passionate about implementing digital innovations to streamline the work we do, delivering world-class projects for our clients.

Chris Povey, Design Director

My goal is to provide water and wastewater services for public health, the environment, and to support the growth of our cities and towns.

Peter Wells, Principal Mechanical Engineer

I am someone that likes to learn—as a lifelong learner, my aim is to bring out the best in myself and those around me.

Mark Cordell

Market Leader—Dams and Hydropower, Australia

Dr. Fiona Taukulis

Business Leader, Environment WA

Maddison Bailey

Senior Project Manager

Chris Povey

Design Director

Peter Wells

Principal Mechanical Engineer

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