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Distributed Energy

Lighting a path through the energy maze

Distributed energy resources (DERs) is the name for renewable energy systems that provide electricity, generated or managed on the user side of the grid by the business or home. It includes rooftop solar photovoltaics, battery storage, electric vehicles, and energy management systems amongst others, and it’s changing the way the nation produces and manages electricity.  

Exploring the available energy choices opens up a host of options and questions, and that’s where our energy specialists can help. They’ll lead you through the process, offering guidance based on long experience. We also take into account considerations for the longer term—identifying the most effective and efficient strategy for your budget.

Whether you’re exploring renewables, battery storage, or cogeneration, we understand how to successfully deliver your energy goals and how to get you started on your net zero journey. 

Distributed assets power the energy transition

Changing the face of our infrastructure gives us the opportunity to meet sustainability goals and become more resilient in a changing world. As we revolutionise how energy and resources are developed and consumed across markets, we’re part of the energy transition—a concentrated effort to create cleaner, more efficient ways of life. Read More

Let our specialists lead the way

The changing energy market is a global phenomenon and it’s evolving from conventional energy sources to renewables. Our energy services team is on hand to offer fully-integrated project support. Read More

Market readiness

Our understanding of the energy market means we can provide advice for feasibility analysis, system improvements, new system design, construction, and review as well as ongoing monitoring and management. Read More

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