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Offshore Wind

Generating the right team

Wind power has undergone rapid growth and advancement in the past decade, and our team has been right there helping to shape the development of offshore wind all around the globe.

We're at the forefront—having undertaken environmental feasibility studies, approvals, and assessments for almost 40 offshore wind projects in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. What sets us apart is our ability to manage projects using professionals who understand the local environments, while providing industry leading resources from our global pool of technical experts.

In Australia, we have a national team of more than 2,300 people in 28 offices including engineers, environmental scientists, and industry specialists who can bring sustainable solutions and efficiency to your project feasibility, planning, and delivery.

We're ready to support your needs throughout the offshore wind lifecycle, every step of the way.

Renewable Energy - Powering Australia’s Future

Renewable energy sources like wind power will take centre stage in the energy transition. See how we’re giving power to our communities.

Five important factors to consider to get more power from wind

Australia is in its early stages of offshore wind development compared to other parts of the world, think Europe, China, and the US. We have over fifty potential offshore wind farms in their first phase of development. However, even the most advanced are several years away from approval, and we need to fully understand potential impacts. For example, we must think about how multiple projects could have cumulative adverse effects on our wildlife. It’s vital to assess the unique challenges of our fast-developing offshore wind industry. Learn More

The offshore wind lifecycle

With new legislation in place, investment in the Australian offshore wind sector is reaching new heights as developers see the opportunity for large scale power generation. From preliminary site assessments, feasibility licence applications, environmental impact assessments, feasibility license activities for construction, and commercial licence activities to operations and decommissioning—we can help power communities at every stage. Read More

Understanding the local environment through a global lens

Stantec has global knowledge of the wind energy industry, as well as professionals who understand the local environment. Both nationally and internationally, we can manage projects using industry-leading resources from our local and global pool of technical specialists. Whether your project is based in the United Kingdom, Canada, the US or Australia, we share the same commitment— deliver environmental services that contribute to the development of clean energy for a greener, more sustainable future. Learn More
We're a global leader in offshore wind energy generation and power delivery
National Team
Most Sustainable A/E/C Firm
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We have more than 2,300 people—engineers, environmental scientists, and industry specialists—who can bring sustainable solutions and efficiency to project planning and delivery.
Corporate Knights ranked Stantec the most sustainable corporation among its industry peers in 2023.
At any given time, we have over 100 specialists working on offshore wind projects globally.
Corporate Knights ranked us as one of the most sustainable corporations in the world (2023).

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