Residential Development (High Rise)

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Designing rooms with a view

Growing populations and shrinking site footprints? The only way is up!  

High-rise living is in demand, but increasing the building height also increases construction complexity. Our experienced consultants have the technical finesse to achieve your high-rise goals.  

Whether you want luxury living with resort-style amenities or sustainability-focused residences, we optimise the design so you can optimise the return on your investment. 

The future of modular building design

Is your project located in an obscure setting? Is there a shortage in construction skills? Limited set-down room on-site? Or perhaps repetitive details in the plan? Then maybe your project should be a modular building—a prefabricated design of duplicated segments assembled into modules. A modular design is constructed into sections away from the building site then delivered to the planned area. Finally, the pieces are combined, and the prefabricated unit is completed on-site. Read More

How loud is your building?

When the design team tells you the right wall configuration could reduce noise leakage by 10 decibels, do you know what that actually means? Most people have no idea, so how do you make an informed decision? Speak to our team on how you can “try before you buy” for your ears. Read More

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