Creating the ultimate retail experience

Even with multiple options of where and how to shop—discount or luxury, regional mall or online sales—we still crave that “going to market” feeling, where we can enjoy the full excitement of the shopping experience. 

Competing with online business is tough, so to get people through the doors, retail centres need to work harder than ever. Modern retail design ensures customer loyalty and fosters success by offering quality brands within place-making buildings and atmosphere. But it doesn’t just end there.

More than just shopping outlets, modern centres are becoming spaces to meet, to be entertained, to do business in. Returning to the “town centre” model where we attend to all needs in one location, designs must include office space, childcare, and end of trip facilities. 

By encouraging flexibility and diversity in their use and increased opportunities for interaction, retail centres can become the community’s “destination of choice.” 

20:20 vision: Capturing all the detail

When our client asked if the rear door of his restaurant was wide enough to allow the delivery of a large commercial fridge, we could provide the answers immediately—then and there—through our reality capture service. Files for the kitchen accurately measured the doorway dimensions in just a few moments. Reality capture is merely one of the various tools in our digital engineering toolkit that adds real value to the way we work—helping to deliver efficiency, value, and programme benefits for project decision making. Read More

Creating an ultimate public community space

Situated in New South Wales, Canopy Lane Cove provides a centralised neighbourhood for visitors to enjoy. So, whether you’re perching up at the village green, visiting the children’s playground, or taking in a performance at the stage, the shopping precinct has you covered. Discover how we help turn this vision into reality. Read More

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