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If you need to changeout wheel/axle assemblies on fully loaded in-train wagons, you can do it with ARI in as little as eight minutes.

Current industry standards for train axle replacement are labor-intensive, dangerous, and time-consuming. The impacted cars are usually taken out of service, disconnected from their fleet, and almost always unloaded.

A common approach to reduce costs is to put off maintenance until necessary. But deferred maintenance leads to more frequent mechanical failures—and breakdowns are the enemy of profitable rail operations.

Our solution? We developed ARI to make the axle replacement process faster, cheaper, and safer.

ARI operators can change wheelsets on fully loaded and connected railcars. The brake lines remain connected, so there’s no need to reconnect and test them after the axle has been replaced. ARI also keeps mechanics out from under jacked trains, improving safety for workers. 

Connect with us to explore whether ARI can make your rail operations safer, more efficient, and more reliable:

Stantec’s ARI: Faster, cheaper, and safer

See how ARI works with this digitally modeled demo of the axle changing process.

Mining company installed ARI to tremendous cost savings

Since 2015, one of our mining clients has operated ARI in a harsh, remote location, where fleet reliability is critical to their business. Any downtime, especially for unexpected breakdowns, has significant economic impacts. By using ARI, our client reduced breakdowns on the line and changed their operations and maintenance program from reactive to proactive. They now focus on identifying and preventing breakdowns before they happen.
Expert Spotlight

Adam Chan-Sew, Market Leader - Rail and Public Transport Infrastructure

My work contributes to the provision of safe and reliable transport for our communities.
Adam Chan-Sew Market Leader - Rail and Public Transport Infrastructure Read More

Damian Pianta, Project Manager

There is nothing more satisfying than improving safety for our clients and employees.

Stephen Beamond, Growth Leader, Energy and Resources

We’re continually learning, sharing that knowledge is a part of the journey.
Stephen Beamond Growth Leader, Energy and Resources Read More

Adam Chan-Sew

Market Leader - Rail and Public Transport Infrastructure

Damian  Pianta

Project Manager

Stephen Beamond

Growth Leader, Energy and Resources

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