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  • White's Seahorse Hotels
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Environmental Design & Management

Providing design solutions that will restore, recover, and enhance biodiversity and ecosystems

There’s an increasing expectation that projects will be designed to improve environmental outcomes. Legislative reforms currently underway in Australia are aiming to have a Nature Positive Plan approach applied in the project approval phase, and we can help you with that.

At the earliest stages of project design, we apply engineering and environmental resources that are constructible, cost effective, resilient, and sustainable. We maintain spaces and systems considering factors like energy efficiency, conservation, and the well-being of ecosystems as well as resource management and climate change mitigation. Wildlife movement is included in infrastructure design, drainage systems are designed for multiple functions, impact footprints are reduced, and light and noise pollution are minimised.

Integrating environmental design and management principles can foster positive social engagement, attract investment and business opportunities, create more resilient communities for future generations.

Advocating for ecologically sensitive infrastructure

Planning and designing ecologically sensitive infrastructure requires the support and expertise of a wide range of specialists—not just ecologists or environmental specialists. This may include government representatives, members of community groups, or people with other technical disciplines. When a project is proposed, an outcome that improves ecosystem restoration and recovery should be part of the solution. Our team advocates for better communication of basic principles to project developers, managers, and technical specialists.

VIP check-in for our endangered marine species – the White’s seahorse

Along Australia’s east coast, the White’s seahorse lives amongst sponge gardens, seagrass meadows, soft corals, and more recently, artificial habitats called “seahorse hotels.” Driven by a new industry requirement, our Aquatic Ecology team has the appropriate permits, skills, and experience to deliver an end-to-end management service—including the necessary installation of seahorse hotels, which are being used to help recover population and habitat and reduce the threat of extinction to these species. Read More

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