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Marine Science

Forging a more resilient future for our watery planet

Our marine scientists focus on studying and understanding human effects on estuarine, coastal, and offshore marine ecosystems. With survey vessels, commercial divers, and two marine ecology laboratories, our team can support all your marine survey requirements. If you need services in seagrass and estuarine ecology, fisheries, benthic ecology, coral biology, marine megafauna, threatened species assessments, and habitat mapping, our ecologist can help you with that and more.

We’ll help you protect marine habitat in ports and terminals, energy and resources, and transport endeavours. Whether working on large-scale offshore energy development programs or small coastal construction projects, we work with our clients and our engineering and design professionals to help project developments meet environmental objectives. This includes developing regulatory strategies, conducting stakeholder engagement, documenting field conditions, assessing project impacts, providing scientifically defensible data.

Together, we can help protect the integrity of our marine environment.

Supporting seawater desalination plants to meet environmental objectives

As the world’s population increases so will the need for fresh drinking water. Seawater desalination plants provide an option to supplement current water supplies within communities. To increase Perth’s supply of drinking water, our team was engaged to coordinate the environmental approvals strategy and help the development meet environmental objectives. Our multidisciplinary approach was essential in considering the full spectrum of environmental habitats, from terrestrial and coastal to the offshore marine environment. Read More

Monitoring dredging to protect sensitive habitats

Using a wide range of methodologies and the latest technologies for data collection, our marine specialists can monitor the effects of major dredging and have directed many dredging assessments and approvals. To monitor the effects of major dredging and offshore spoil disposal, our team along with an independent panel, designed the Nearshore Environmental Monitoring Program (NEMP) for a significant energy project. Read More

Supporting offshore wind development

Investment in the offshore wind sector in Australia is growing. Planned projects will be located between 15 and 30 kilometres off the coast, positioned in areas where there are stronger winds and less chance of interruption to fishing, shipping, and other activities. One major consideration? Reviewing environmental and marine life constraints when selecting routes for high voltage cables. Our marine specialists can help you with regulatory permitting and approvals, environmental assessments, and marine monitoring. Read More

Temporary accommodation to protect endangered White’s seahorse

Along Australia’s east coast, White’s seahorses live amongst sponge gardens, seagrass meadows, soft corals, and more recently, artificial habitats called “seahorse hotels.” Driven by a new industry requirement, our Aquatic Ecology team has the appropriate permits, skills, and experience to deliver an end-to-end management service—including the necessary installment of seahorse hotels, which are being used to help recover population and habitat while reducing the threat of extinction to these species. Read More

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