Terrestrial Flora & Fauna

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Protecting Australia’s rich biodiversity

Preserving the places we inhabit is important to us—it motivates our commitment to safeguard the integrity of our environment. Our dedication to assisting you in achieving your project’s environmental outcomes stems from our belief that a balanced environment is integral to prosperity.

Whether your requirements involve assessing a location's biodiversity, mapping and surveying vegetation, or searching for rare and cryptic animals and plants, our team of highly experienced ecologists is ready to assist.

We employ cutting-edge methodologies in remote detection of species (new generation drone, acoustic, and camera technologies), wildlife telemetry, environmental DNA and genetic analysis, and mechanistic modelling to enable a comprehensive understanding of your project site's ecology.

Our goal? To provide you with the necessary data, documentation, and support to help you fulfill regulatory requirements and meet community expectations.

Protecting wildlife, no matter how big or small

Our team conducts a range of assessments, spanning from desktop reviews and pilot studies to targeted fauna surveys, monitoring, and detailed multi-season field surveys. We work with a diverse spectrum of species, ranging from short-range-endemic (SRE) invertebrates to bats, birds, reptiles, and mammals. Understanding the presence and abundance of fauna species at a site is fundamental to planning, government approvals, and impact assessments for resource developments, infrastructure and transport projects, and urban expansions. Read More

Conserving our native flora and vegetation

With expertise in flora identification, vegetation mapping, and targeted flora surveys for protected species, we support our clients throughout government approval processes, environmental impact assessments, rehabilitation, and ongoing monitoring programs. We can help you prepare and manage environmental approvals, particularly within industries such as community development, transport, mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy. We aim to empower you to fulfill your obligations responsibly while safeguarding native flora. Read More

The natural capital that feeds our biodiversity

Geology, soil, vegetation, air, water—each element contributes to the collective natural capital that sustains all living things. Our priority? The integration of natural capital into our decision-making processes. Through evidence-based research, we work to decrease environmental liabilities, safeguard biodiversity, and minimise environmental impacts. Let’s work together to harmonise the needs of today with the preservation and enhancement of natural resources for tomorrow. Read More

If they’re out there, we’ll find them

Zeroing in on species even without direct visual identification is now achievable through the breakthrough of environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis. Our proficiency in detecting minute biological traces that organisms leave behind has bolstered our confidence in the accuracy of our findings. This technology is transformative, offering substantial time and cost savings. Now? We’re taking this to the next level with targeted eDNA detections in the field. View More

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