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Airports: Ensuring financial resilience through diversification

January 06, 2021

How can diversifying their services help airports during COVID-19? Rian Burger shares his ideas with Passenger Terminal Today

The devastating impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the air industry is all too apparent. As nearly 90% of airport revenues are passenger related, ACI’s forecast drop of 60% in passenger volumes for 2020 and a 60% reduction in revenues compared with the projected baseline (equating to a US$104.5bn loss) illustrate all too starkly the need for airports to diversify and move away from an overreliance on passenger-generating revenue streams to remain afloat.

Senior Principal Rian Burger joins other industry experts to share ideas on how airports can diversify their services to ensure financial resilience during the pandemic. 

Read the full article at Passenger Terminal Today

  • Rian Burger

    Leading our Airports business in Toronto, Rian is an aviation architect with a focus on terminal design, planning, and programming.

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