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Celebrating International Women in Engineering 2019 - Erika Voges

June 17, 2019

We're recognising our colleagues and their remarkable achievements through International Women in Engineering Day 2019

Here at Stantec, we understand that diversity brings diverse thinking and think that one day is not enough to showcase the difference female engineers make in the industry.

We will be highlighting one of our amazing engineers each day this week. One of those women is Hydraulics Project Engineer Erika Voges.

This year’s theme, ‘Transforming the Future’, supported by hashtags #INWED10 and #TransformTheFuture, will demonstrate how women around the world are transforming the future in pursuit of more diversity in engineering.

“Focussing on harnessing the true strength and resilience of women in the workplace, ‘Transforming the Future’ provides us with an equal opportunity in a technologically driven society,” says Erika.

When asked to sum up her job, Erika described it as divergent, challenging and rewarding, “What I love most about being an engineer is that no project or design is ever the same. I am always challenged to perform innovatively and at the best interest of a wide range of stakeholders on a diverse range of projects.

“Creating that perfect balance between a rewarding career and a loving family in a professional environment is never going to be easy, but if you enjoy what you do and take a moment to reflect, then that balance will be achievable.”

Erika admits to her parents, children and mentors being her role models, “My parents always taught me that if I do what I love, then I will love what I do, no matter how hard it felt in the moment. My children keep me grounded to my values, and my mentors are always there for me when I sometimes get it wrong, allowing me to grow with them – everyone is human after all,” said Erika.

Together we can Transform the Future. Join us today on International Women in Engineering day, as we #TransformTheFuture and celebrate women in engineering.

Learn more about International Women in Engineering Day.

Erika Voges

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