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Engineering an environmentally conscious mine

June 21, 2024

Stantec’s Mariea Kartick is featured in the SME docuseries: Jobs of Tomorrow. In it, she talks geological modeling and water scarcity in mining.

Stantec’s Mariea Kartick shares what her job is like as a resource geologist. The Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration’s (SME) “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries outlines various career paths in the mining industry. Mariea, and other experts from mining, shares what it looks like to engineer an environmentally conscious mine.

In this episode, Mariea talks resource geological modeling and how she uses technology to make mining more efficient. She also discusses water management, which is increasingly important as more mine owners are facing water scarcity.

Watch the full SME Jobs of Tomorrow video.

  • Mariea Kartick

    A resource geologist focused on mineral resource estimation, geological modeling, and technical documentation, Mariea is a subject matter expert for lithium and a multidisciplinary mining project manager.

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